The Watch Garage

Here at Watch Garage we have a passion.
To unearth interesting, obscure and exceptional vintage watches.
To offer only researched, carefully sourced and authenticated watches.
We also opened our collection and now offer exquisite straps, parts and collectibles.

We also provide many services to maintain and restore your precious timepiece.

All with passion...

All our watches are carefully selected

How we started

Watch Garage is a concept born exclusively from passion

Quality and detail

We are perfectionists by nature. It isn`t a matter of profit or not, it`s simply our way of life.

Without boundaries

We love all kinds of watches, their stories, their origins. No other object carries so much life in them. We`re not bounded by brand names or price tags


We are fortune enough to have our watches shipped all over the world. We now have customers in 4 continents and more than 20 countries